We will help the underprivileged, low and medium income, displaced and single parent families,
as well as address and support teenage mothers, by offering them aid in these areas:

  • Transportation, job development.
  • Finance, credit workshops
  • Free health care testing and screenings in communities at risk for high blood pressure,
    high cholesterol, diabetes, prostate cancer, stroke, mental health.
  • Establish safe houses for young females and Mothers
  • Community workshops and town hall meetings and conferences held throughout the
    Country that may help with the creation and support of small business endeavors.
  • At risk teenager development camps; designed to help develop self worth through
    respecting others; space, property and person.











To help single moms and disadvantaged families.

Each family will be loaned a late model car, indefinitely.

I Promise Hope- Goal: All members with children are guaranteed at
least one child will receive a secondary education for free. 

Bad Loan Forgiveness (BLF 700 Quest)- Goal: All YGI members will receive
free credit repair and guidance until they achieve a 700 credit score.  

Education, revelation, a phenomenal cultural change in the discipline of diet.

All members that graduate from the BLF 700 Quest program,
YGI will co-sign on loans, ie. business, home, home repair, auto etc.

YGI designated Barber Shops and Hair Salons will serve as
command centers and safe havens to support and mentor youth.

No child will be left without a high monetary value. 
All members are educated on the importance of life insurance, 
and are encouraged to purchase to ensure a financial legacy is intact.

YGI provides home owners with a security blanket; home loans
will remain in the family in the event loan originator is unable to continue to pay. 
At which point any family member that is able to secure the note may do so.
If no family member can secure the note,
YGI will takeover the note for 6 months and loan originator
will not be negatively affected by defaults or foreclosures.