Drastic Measures are Needed NOW!


There’s a better way. 

Our goal is to make every life better that we touch.

Vision Statement: 
“To help people recognize their worth and value to society.”
Mission Statement:
“To expose and remedy the ills of society that hold people down.”
Purpose Statement: 

     We will help the underprivileged, low and medium income,
displaced and single parent families, as well as address
and support teenage mothers, by offering them aid in these areas:

· Transportation, job development

· Finance, credit work shops

· Free health care testing and screenings in communities
at risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
diabetes, prostate cancer, stroke, mental health.

· Establish safe houses for young females and Mothers

· Community workshops, Town Hall meetings and conferences
held throughout the country that help with the creation
and support of small business endeavors.

· At risk teenager development camps-designed to help
develop self worth through respecting others space, property, and person.


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